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And we’re back! :Chancella Blog.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

After three long months, we are slowly returning to normal. With retail stores opening, I wasn't sure if I was that bothered making a trip out to the shops. I suppose you start to get used to your new reality.

That all changed last week when I heard an advertisement on the radio to say Jack and Jill charity retail stores had opened all their shops in my area. I decided to venture out for a look the following day.

Gosh, I could not believe my eyes when I walked in! They had stacks of new stock that was donated from Dunnes Stores.

For those of you who may not know, Dunnes Stores in Ireland is a family owned retailer that produces fashion and gift ware for the Irish Market. They collaborate with well known Irish fashion and Homeware Designers who have their own concessions in store.

It just so happens that one of my favourite Irish Designers who collaborates with Dunnes is Caroline Donnelly. I Love, love, love her style. Rich colours which I would describe a mix of Moorish meets Vintage Chinz! While its a mixed bag, there is somehow a consistency in colour and pattern.

Dunnes Stores donate any sample stock and items that don't make it to the shop floor to the charity Jack and Jill in Ireland. It means that items that would otherwise could have been sent to landfill have a chance to be sold, raising money for charity ( in this case, vital services for terminally ill children) and helping the environment.

I picked a few items for my new study (which I will post about soon) and cushion covers for my sitting room.

Most of the items are from the designer Caroline Donnelly for Dunnes. The prices were 80% off the regular retail price! All brand new with tags!

I picked up a gorgeous basket for my blankets in the sitting room along with an Aztec style blanket to go in it! ( pictured below)

I also purchased a lovely Charcuterie board which I am excited to use in the Summer for my antipasto.

I was chatting to the shop manager about the amazing stock, she told me that it was like Christmas Eve on their reopening day and most of the stock had actually sold out.

I'm sorry I missed out on some items but it is always nice to know someone else has bagged a beautiful bargain like me...

Do leave a comment down below or DM me with any and all of your amazing thrift finds! I love to see purchases from around the world!

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