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How to get 75% off big brand labels. Chancella Blog.

In case you don’t believe that your fashion prayers can be answered by shopping second hand, I thought I’d conduct a small experiment.

I decided to see what labels I could find in my local charity shop for my niece. She is 19 years old, knows what she likes and knows her lables. I didn't want to disappoint!

I thought, by showing you what Lables are available out there and how discounted the prices are, I might inspire you to shop pre loved.

I set out to my local charity shop, St. Vincent De Paul.

I picked up a pair of Levi’s ( high waist fit ).

A Jaeger cashmere sweater and a Top Shop dress all for twenty euro!

As you can see from the photos of my stunning niece, I could have made a dress out of an old pair of curtains and she would still look amazing! She paired the sweater and jeans together below. The jeans were seven euro and the polo neck came to six euro.

Cashmere cowl neck ORRP €170
Jumper- Jaeger cashmere Jeans-Levi's

The Top Shop dress, came to seven euro, which she styled two ways below. Day time to evening.

Dress-Top Shop

Like many young adults making their way in the world, shopping for clothes in second hand, vintage and consignments stores is a great way to achieve the look you want without making a dent in your precious pay check.

In the process it also supports circular fashion. Clothes get a new lease on life, while you achieve fashion nirvana knowing that you did your bit for the environment in all of your favourite labels at a fraction of the price.

Just last week, an instagramer I follow @stylesnatcher, bought a men‘s vintage YSL ( French fashion house) suit In her local charity shop in Dublin city centre. Her intention was to have it altered and wear it oversized for an androgynous look.

Lady in an androgynous suit

As she discussed her great find, it got her onto the topic of buying less and turning her back on fast fashion. Like most of us, she too was buying too many cheap clothing items and not getting the use out of them. She now just buys quality pieces and wears them a lot more. When she is finished with the item she will use consignment stores like Siopaella to sell them.

So with all that said, will you take the challenge? The next time you want to pick up some new threads, visit some of you local second hand and consignment stores.

See what’s out there And tag me @stephanieshortall with your finds! Share this blog with your friends and get them thinking about circular fashion.

Happy shopping!

#shoppngchallenge #circularfasion #sustainasustainablefashiondublin #buyless

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