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Out with the new, in with old. Car boot treasure. Chancella Blog

I love a Car boot sale. Mostly as is it a good way to wile away a few hours on a weekend. I love the idea that one man's trash is another man's treasure. And not a truer word can be said about a Car boot sale.

The thing that makes a Car boot sale so appealing is that you have an abundance of sellers to choose from. One of my absolute favourite locations is Callen in Co. Kilkenny (Ireland). This is a a permanent boot sale that takes place every Sunday. This is a nine acre site with over 100 stall holders. For me, what I enjoy most is the fact that there are lots and lots of antiques stall holders.

I have picked up so many gems which are dotted all over my house, from book shelves to china tea sets to old books and mirrors.

Another more recent discovery for me is the Car boot sale in Caragh, Co. Kildare.

This place came as quite the surprise to me as it is very large and well organised. It is set in the local sports grounds and can extend all through the four football pitches on a good day. This market happens only on a Bank holiday Monday.

If you decide to venture to a Car boot sale in your local area, I have a few tips to bare in mind before you go.

First and foremost, cash is king! lots of it in small notes are best. Have change (coins) as often items only cost a few euro. Don't be handing over a 50 euro note after you just bartered them down to a fiver!

This brings me on to my next point, don't be afraid to barter/bargain/make an offer. Often the pieces aren't priced, so you will need to know what you want to pay before you ask the price.

Go Early!!


The early bird catches the worm!

The earlier you arrive the best chance you have of getting what you want.

Don't be disheartened if you don't find anything on your first outing. All Car boot sales are weather dependent by their very nature of being set out doors. On a bright sunny day they are likely to be packed full of vendors. On a wet day, well, you may find that not too many sellers bother to go.

What I would say is, go, enjoy it! If you don't find something the first time, go again and again!

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