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Sustainable September and Silk scarves: Chancella blog

This month, Second-Hand September is a campaign to highlight the impact of fast fashion and to challenge the public to only buy secondhand or gently used items where possible for 30 days.

I love this idea, which has been growing exponentially over the years. It is great opportunity for small businesses, charity retail and online platforms to really push forward the message that, with a little thought and conscience thinking we can make better decisions about what we purchase for our wardrobes and for our home.

Here in Ireland, @Designer_exchange_ltd a hugely successful secondhand designer store are promoting the cause along with famous Influences such as @milliemackintosh who is also modelling the impressive fashion finds she has purchased from Oxfam and online reseller Verstaire Collective.

This month I want to focus on the multi purpose silk scarf which can easily be found in charity retail stores or online.

With the rising popularity of silk pillowcases which can decrease the damage to your hair while sleeping and also less abrasive to you skin.

Rather then making a purchase of a new silk pillow case, you can pick up a large silk scarf that you may already have in you wardrobe or purchase one from a charity retail store and create your own silk pillow case at home. It doesn't have to be too complicated! no sewing machine required. It can be folded in half (inside out) and stitched along one side. This way it can be slipped on the pillow and taken off easily to be washed.

Lately I have found some stunning silk scarves at my local charity shop. One of them being a Burberry with the classic Nova check. I won't be making that into a pillow case but I will be wearing it a multitude of ways to accessorise my outfits. They can be worn in your hair or on a handbag or simply worn as a scarf was intended originally.

For many fun tips on how to use and fashion your silk scarf from making them into tops and even jackets with no sewing required @claudyamreira will blow your mind with the versatility of your scarf!

The best part about Sustainable / Second-Hand September is that we are still encouraged to shop and enjoy fashion but just in a more conscious way. so go out there, support the small businesses and charity's and Happy Shopping!

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